Randy DeVol, a native of Hawaii and musically educated in LA, has just moved back to the islands with his unique style of contemporary jazz. Randy recently performed on Kimo Kahoano's morning radio show.

His 15 year residence in Los Angeles encompassed a career as a musician, composer, camera operator, sound engineer and film editor, as well as husband and father of 4.

  · Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Extreme Makeover, Doctor 90210, Pepsi Cola, The Latin Grammys, Mel Gibson, DSL American Chopper, Monster House  
  · Disney's: Even Stevens, That's So Raven, Lizzy McGuire, Cheetah Girls  
  · MTV's: Punked, Camp Jim, Totally Obsessed, Cribs, No Doubt, MTV2 Short List Awards  
  · VH1's: The Making of Usher "You Don't Have to Call"  
  · "From South Central to South Africa", Quincy Jones' Nelson Mandela documentary  
  · NYIIFVF winner Best Cultural Documentary - "The Graff Life" - a documentary on urban hieroglyphics: writer, director, producer, Randy DeVol; NYIIFVF winner Best Urban Documentary www.thegrafflife.com  
  Randy’s solo vocal and guitar performance showcase his love of jazz classics from the 50's thru the 70's, influenced by artists like Kenny Rankin and Diana Krall. His original compositions bring an additional layer creating a sound of his own.

Randy is currently recording his first album, under the direction of internationally acclaimed producer and trumpet player, Gary Grant (credits ie. Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Arturo Sandoval, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Diana Krall, etc.) to be released in 2013.



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